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Amazon Wish List.png
Amazon Wish List.png

Help support Southern Reins by donating much-needed supplies for our program. Check out our wish list below! You can shop on Amazon and have items shipped directly to us - or pick up supplies while you are doing your regular shopping and drop them off at the farm. All in-kind donations are tax-deductible and help us offset operating costs so we can allocate greater financial resources to serving children and adults with disabilities and hardship throughout our community.

Purchase on Amazon and check the box indicating "this order contains a gift" under the CART button so we can send you a donation receipt to thank you for your wonderful support!

Donations can be delivered or dropped off to Southern Reins:
916 Billy Bryant Road, Collierville, TN 38017

Gift Card.jpg

Amazon Gift Card

Any amount

Ovation Helmet.jpg

Ovation Riding Helmet


Paper Towels.jpg

Paper Towels

12 double rolls

Toilet Paper.jpg

Toilet Paper

24 mega rolls

Dial Soap.jpg

Antibacterial Hand Soap

Pack of 5

AA Batteries.jpg

AA, AAA or D Batteries

Disposable or Rechargeable

Thrush Buster.jpg

Thrush Buster

2 oz. container

Face Masks.jpg

Disposable Face Masks

Pack of 50


Dawn Dish Soap

Pack of 2


Microfiber Cloths

50 pack

Trash Bags.jpg

Trash Bags

200 count

Troxel Riding Helmet.jpg

Troxel Riding Helmet

Size Large

Ovation Helmet.jpg

Ovation Riding Helmet



Laundry Detergent

 72 count tub

Paper Towels2.jpg

Trifold Paper Towels

16 packs per case

Fly Spray.jpg

Fly Spray

Any Amount Needed

Pine Sol.jpg

Pine Sol Cleaner

Pack of 2


Facial Tissues

4-box cube


Leather Halter

Horse or Cob Size

Horse Blanket.jpg

Horse Blanket

Size 72, 75, 78


Swiffer Dusters

18 count

Glass Cleaner.jpg

Glass Cleaner

Bottle and refill

From all of us at Southern Reins . . .Thank you for supporting our program.

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