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Our Horses

Our therapy horses are the backbone of our program. Many have had past careers in the show ring, on the polo field, and as trail mounts. Each has its own unique personality and needs, and each is invaluable to our program. 

Horse Sponsorship

Thanks to many generous donors, all of our therapy horses and ponies are sponsored! From all of us at Southern Reins, we greatly appreciate your amazing support of our hard-working team of horses.

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The EQUUS Foundation is the only national animal welfare in the United States 100% dedicated to protecting America's horses and strengthening the bond between horses and people. Southern Reins is proud to be recognized as a Guardian by the foundation, and we have earned The Guardian Seal of Transparency since 2018; demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability by providing comprehensive data about our programs, horse care practices, and governance. 

Our Therapy Horse Team


Basie is a handsome Westphalian gelding with an illustrious show record. He is well known throughout the Memphis hunter/jumper circuit and is a very well-traveled gentleman. Basie's wealth of experience and knowledge helps our independent riders build confidence as they develop more advanced riding skills. He absolutely adores people, and his curious nature and kind demeanor melts the hearts of everyone he meets.

Basie is on loan from Margaret Ledbetter Weaver, and he joined our team in August of 2021.  

Basie is proudly sponsored by 

The McEniry Family



Benny is a gorgeous dark bay Shire/Thoroughbred cross standing an impressive 16.2 hands high. With the most adorable face and amazing disposition, Benny has stolen the hearts of so many of our friends at the farm. His stout build makes him the perfect mount for our larger participants, as well as veterans in our program.  

Benny is on loan from Julia Petree, and he joined our herd in December of 2019.  

Benny is proudly sponsored by
Barbara and Lewis Williamson



"Clint Eastwood" is a lovely American Quarter Horse who is as good as they get. With a smooth-as-silk Western jog and rocking horse canter, Clint is a great fit for our independent riders looking to progress their skills, and he is also the perfect gentleman for our participants who require more support. This handsome fellow is a legendary STAR at Southern Reins.     


Clint is on loan from Lu and Wayne Burkett, and he joined our herd in June of 2022.  

Clint is proudly sponsored by
Susan and Jared Patterson

Clint Eastwood4_edited.jpg


This handsome 21-year-old bay roan Quarter Horse is one of the sweetest and most affectionate horses in our barn. He is inquisitive and always looks forward to greeting old friends and new. Dollar's advanced training helps our independent riders develop new skills, and his patience and calm personality is also a great fit to work with our high support riders.

Dollar is on loan from The Mize Family and joined our herd in February of 2023.  

Dollar is proudly sponsored by

Linda and Jon Casello



Elvis is a gorgeous black and white Spotted Saddle Horse who stepped right into our lesson program like he has been doing it for years. He may not have blue suede shoes, but we can't help falling in love with his gorgeous blue eyes. His gentle and kind disposition has earned him quite the fan club at the farm, and he is undeniably the king of rock-n-roll in in our arena.


Elvis is on loan from Jim and Suzanne Hall and joined our herd in November of 2022.  

Elvis is proudly sponsored by
MJ Foletta Fehlhaber



Jazz is one of those horses you just can't get enough of. He easily boosts the confidence of all of his riders, both children and adults, because he truly loves his job at Southern Reins! He is the real deal when it comes to the perfect reliable mount to serve a variety of riders, as well as unmounted participants. We couldn't be happier with having this sweet boy on our team.
Jazz is on loan from The Lane Family, and he joined our herd in July of 2018. 

Jazz is proudly sponsored by
Elena Hoch




This gorgeous boy is the classic 15.1 hand American Quarter Horse. With his expressive eyes, solid powerful build, and gentle temperament, Jute is a very welcome addition to our herd. He is the type of horse who is so confident in himself that it translates to all of his participants. Gentle and kind, this pretty boy is one of our very best!


Jute is on loan from Jim and Suzanne Hall, and he joined our herd in November of 2019 with his best friend, Shiloh. 

Jute is proudly sponsored by
Charles and Judy Burkett



Rebel is a true warhorse who serves in all of our programs. This striking Quarter Horse/Appaloosa cross is incredibly intuitive and kind, and he always brings out the best in his participants! Standing at 15.1 hands high, he is the perfect build and size for a variety of our riders. He is calm, confident and has his signature swagger when he is on the job!

Rebel is on loan from The Brumley Family, and he joined our herd in February of 2018.    

Rebel is proudly sponsored by

The Downs Family



Rio is a gorgeous palomino Quarter Horse has had quite a diverse past, spending time in the western dressage and hunter/jumper show rings. He is wonderful for our independent riders to teach them new skills, and equally impressive helping our smallest riders build confidence. Rio is calm and collected in every situation, and he one of the kindest horses we have ever met.

Rio is on loan from Nicole Wood, and he joined our herd in December of 2022.    

Rio is proudly sponsored by

The Kiwanis Club of Germantown



Shiloh is an adorable American Quarter Horse with a larger than life personality! He is curious and comical, and his sweet disposition brings out the best in all of his participants. While he might be one of the older horses in the barn, you'd never know it! His fun-loving nature is completely endearing . . . 


Shiloh is on loan from Jim and Suzanne Hall, and he joined our herd with his friend Jute in November of 2019. 

Shiloh is proudly sponsored by
The Live Love Memphis Group

Shiloh 5x7.png


This dashing fellow is absolutely gorgeous, with his gray coat and salt and pepper mane and tail. Clyde is a kind and sweet United Kingdom Shetland pony. He loves to give kisses to everyone he meets, and he is the ambassador for our TEACH Program and Pony Pals Program.  

Clyde is on loan from Personal Ponies, and he joined our herd in June of 2020. 

Clyde is proudly sponsored by
The Addison Family

Clyde 5x7.jpg


Belle is our fabulous barn cat who is often the first to meet all of our visitors at the farm. This petite tabby cat came to us from our friends at Hall's Feed and Seed, and she is a mouser extraordinaire! 


Belle loves to cuddle and get scratches and pats from everyone at the farm. Due to an injury she lost her tail, and our amazing friends at Stateline Animal Clinic helped her heal and recover. We think that makes her look even cuter! Belle joined us as our official feline ambassador in January of 2018.

Belle is proudly sponsored by
Stateline Animal Clinic

DSC_0029.JPG copy.jpg

We are proud to recognize our Equine Care Partners for their generous in-kind support!

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Loan or Donate Your Horse To Southern Reins

Do you have a horse or pony that you think would make a great therapy horse?

Below please find more information on the process to loan or donate your equine to our program:

Step 1: Owner contacts Southern Reins and is emailed the Equine Information Form (EIF) to be completed, including the list of required criteria.

Step 2: Upon receiving the EIF, Southern Reins' Program Director will contact the owner to set up an onsite evaluation if horse passes initial screening based on information provided.

Step 3: Southern Reins' Program Director, with assistance as needed, conducts a comprehensive onsite evaluation of the equine.

Step 4: If the equine passes the initial screening of the onsite evaluation, the owner will transport or provide transportation of the equine to Southern Reins' Collierville Campus located at 916 Billy Bryant Road, Collierville, TN 38017 to begin the 60 day trial period. 

Step 5: The Program Director will complete an Equine Evaluation Assessment form based on the initial onsite evaluation and throughout the 60 day trial period to determine if the equine is a suitable fit for our program.


Note: All equines entering the program on trial must have either a signed Equine Loan Agreement or Equine Donation Agreement, as these documents contain our liability release statement. Equines must have a negative Coggins valid for at least 6 months from their trial start date, vaccinations valid for 6 months from their trial date, and must have farrier services completed no more than 3 weeks prior to their trial start date.

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