Equine Assisted Services

Southern Reins offers adaptive horseback riding, Making Strides Recreation Therapy, Silver Stirrups, horsemanship/barn lessons through our Unbridled Horsemanship Program, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and PATH Intl. Equine Services for Heroes.  


We offer sessions throughout the year and all riding and activities are conducted by PATH Intl. certified riding instructors,  
and mental health professionals.


Adaptive Horseback Riding

Adaptive horseback riding lessons target physical, social and recreational goals for each individual participant. Southern Reins offers group lessons with 2-4 riders in each class.  Classes are 45-50 minutes long and include mounting, exercise and skills development, and dismounting. Some lessons may include a barn or horsemanship lesson to expand the participant’s interaction and connection with their horse or pony. We also offer 30-minute private lessons. Adaptive riding fees are charged by session at a rate of $50 per lesson (group and private).

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Occupational Therapy incorporating Hippotherapy

Occupational Therapy incorporating Hippotherapy utilizes the movement of the horse as part of an integrated intervention program. In conjunction with the affordances of the equine environment and other treatment strategies, Occupational Therapy is part of a patient's integrated plan of care. At this time, Southern Reins looking for qualified Occupational Therapists who are Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist (HPCS) certified to join our team! 

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This program is not currently offered at Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy.

Please check back for future updates.


Unbridled Horsemanship

The Unbridled Horsemanship Program is a hands-on equine program offered to people with disabilities and veterans who reside in group homes, participate in support groups and learning programs, or are in care at a residential treatment facility.  There is no age limit for this program and groups consist of 3-8 participants.   Activities include horse grooming, leading, education about horses and horsemanship, horse handling skills and more. Groups may visit weekly or monthly.  The fee is $25 per participant per visit.

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Silver Stirrup Program

Southern Reins’ Silver Stirrup Program is a recreational program offered to nursing homes, day programs, group homes, support groups and residential treatment facilities. These visits are also offered as Community-Based Learning Opportunities in partnership with local schools and educational programs. Groups consist of 5-12 participants and activities include meeting our program horses, learning about horses and horsemanship, equine education and more.  Silver Stirrup participants must complete a participant package. Groups may visit weekly, monthly or quarterly.  The fee is $10 per participant per visit.

Southern Reins New Participant Registration


All participants must complete and submit our Participant Application Package which includes a rider profile, physician’s referral, hold harmless agreement, and more.  All new participants must be evaluated prior to the start of their riding session. All paperwork must be signed and submitted in order to participate.


Participants (and/or parents, caregivers and guardians) will also receive a Participant Handbook prior to the start of the session.


Session fees are due two weeks prior to the start of each session.  Southern Reins requires all participants to have a credit card on file.  Check and cash payments may be accepted if approved in advance by the Program Director.  Session fees can also be made online two weeks before the start of the session through the payment link below. Paypal payments include a processing fee.

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