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Inspire HOPE. Ignite CHANGE. Kindle JOY.

Every day we see the miracle of what is possible when disability disappears and ability shines through. With every interaction between our horses and participants we celebrate what is possible through the healing power of horses. Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy has served more than 700 children and adults with disabilities and hardship in the greater Memphis area since 2015. The public demand for our services continues to grow in our adaptive riding program, Occupational Therapy incorporating Hippotherapy, Equine Services for Heroes, and Making Strides Recreation Therapy. With great anticipation, this year we also launched the pilot of our TEACH Program that incorporates equine-facilitated learning to improve literacy and learning readiness to contribute to the social and emotional health of children ages 3-7 in Memphis schools. In the coming year we look forward to expanding all of our programs to serve as many people as can benefit from the services we provide.  


This holiday season we hope you will join us to ignite change and make miracles possible for everyone we serve with a gift to our Annual Fund. Your donation will underwrite financial aid for all of our participants, provide feed and quality care for our therapy horses, purchase equipment, subsidize essential operating expenses, and ensure the safety and maintenance of our facility.

To make a donation online, click the link or mail your gift to the address below:

Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy
Annual Fund

916 Billy Bryant Road

Collierville TN 38017

Your generous gift to Southern Reins will contribute in immeasurable ways for everyone we serve. Friends like you make it possible for participants to gain strength to help them become more active in their daily lives. You make it possible for children to develop verbal and nonverbal communication to enhance their interactions with family and classmates. You make it possible for individuals suffering from trauma to restore trust as they cope with difficult life experiences.

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Your donation matters because it makes a world of difference for every one of our participants – today and tomorrow. Help us help others through the healing power of horses. DONATE to our Annual Fund and inspire hope while changing lives . . . one ride at a time.

WHEN YOU GIVE you make hope possible
WHEN YOU GIVE you ignite positive change
WHEN YOU GIVE you provide unimaginable joy

Thank you for your generosity and support that helps us fulfill our mission in the most wonderful way. 

We share a very special Thank You to our 2022 Annual Fund Donors

Pamela Lee Amick
Jordan and William Walker
Elizabeth Holloway in honor of Joe Edward Barber

Jan Sturdivant in honor of Lynn buhler
Abbay Curtis
Linda Adams
Pat and David Ruff
Gayla and Bruce Efird
Nancy and Lance Moll
Eleanor Jacobs
Theresa Roach
Marley and Matt Slutz
Marlene Keenan
Jill and Doug Haag
Melissa Dyer
Amy Sickler in honor of Janaye Sickler
Barbara Tatge in honor of Clark Tompkins
Cindy Haverty
Betty Lee Elliott
Becky Bishop
Diane and Leonard Hampton in honor of Louise and Cliff Hunt
Pamela and David Anderson
Janaye Sickler
Rebecca and Walter Fields
Kristi and Steve Davis
Melinda and Michael Pigors
James Boyd

Kandy and Rick Bernskoetter

Julie Forst

Pat Anderson in honor of Topley Edenton

Jessie Wiley in honor of Josie Walker

June Larmour

Barbara and Stephen Stapleton

Max and Sally Shelton

Suzanne Plyer in honor of Camille and Hayes McNeill

Jodi and Darrell Kirksey in honor of Nancy and Loy Kirksey

Sunde Smith

Honore Lartigue

Nora and Wallace Witmer in honor of Margaret and Lee Alexander

Alita and Raymond Pphlman in honor of Henry Slutz

Katie and Michael Gecewich

Camille and Hayes McNeill

Vicki Deseck

Mercy for Memphis

Mary and Arthur Christiansen

Shannon Cammack

Sharon and Lee Allen

Ann Hunt in honor of Ann Elise and Louise Hunt

Pam and Wayne Cash

Carol and Edwin Schultz

Avery and Joel Kaserman

Carita and Alston Palmer

James Hall in honor of Alicia Lartigue

Diane Mohr

Oscar Riess in honor of Linda and Jon Casello

Carol and Charlie Kronquist in memory of Michael Wright and Jim Pickens

Pattie Hearn in memory of Stacey Kronquist

Katnern Mayo in honor of Abbey Mayo

Peggy West in honor of Julia Kaserman

Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Israel

Janet and James FOrsythe

Nancy and Loy Kirksey in honor of Jodi and Darrell Kirksey

Sheila Burbee in honor of Randy and Dana Davis

Donna and Mike Glenn

Kathleen and John Pender

David Pendery in honor of the Hunt Family

Laura and Steve Veesart

Daniel Garver in honor of Betty Lee Elliott

DJ Chinault

Jacqueline Logue in memory of Stacey Kronquist

Rachel McKinley

Fred ALlen in honor of Alicia Lartigue, Jute, Shiloh, and Elvis

Lisa Kime

Cliff and Louise Hunt

Kim Coppess

Josie Walker in honor of Ellen Parker

Melanie Smith Taylor

Susan and Jared Patterson

Anne Gamble

Ellen Rambo

Elene Baker

Cindy Rarick

Linda and Bruce Vinson in honor of Kayden Vinson


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