LOVE it!

We all know that hay is for horses, but it sure is expensive! Our equines consume an average of 4 bales of hay every day.  That’s 1,460 bales a year with a pricetag of $8,760 annually!


With your donation of just $20, you can sponsor Hay for a Day to help feed Butters, Candy, Huey, Jake, Jazz, Nike, Ozzie, Rain, Rebel, Sampson and Shadow! 

As a Hay for a Day Donor, You will be recognized below in honor of your gift . . .
and even better, you will be a
HAY HERO  to our horses and ponies!

Feed the herd for a day - YAY!



Double your donation to feed them for 2 days - Horray!



Feel like being a PREMIER hay donor? Yahoo!!



You can also send your donation to:

Southern Reins

Hay for a Day Campaign

916 Billy Bryant Road

Collierville TN 38017

Your gift is 100% tax deductible.


Gold Star Hay for a Month Donors

John and Debbie Bryce

Premier Hay for a Week Donors

Harlan Dodson - Hay for 2 Weeks

Twentieth Century Club - Hay for 2 Weeks

Catherine and Ron Zampini

Carol Kronquist

The Bisignano Family

Mary Ann Umstot

Russell Tumlin

Sunde Smith

Carri and Tim Sellers

Hay for Multiple Day Donors

Linda Conlee - Hay for 6 Days

Mark Christian - Hay for 5 Days

In Honor of Ginna Rauls - Hay for 5 Days

Camille Cross - Hay for 5 Days

Robyn Miller - Hay for 5 Days

Kathy Ledbetter - Hay for 5 Days

Lu and Wayne Burkett - Hay for 5 Days

Amy Strange - Hay for 5 Days

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Flinn - Hay for 5 Days

Kayden Vinson - Hay for 5 Days

Nancy Kirksey - Hay for 5 Days

Dorothy Lane - Hay for 5 Days

Susan Salabor in honor of Cooper Rush        - Hay for 5 Days

Friend of Southern Reins - Hay for 5 Days

Nancy and Lance Moll - Hay for 5 Days

Nancy Manire - Hay for 5 Days

Monique Stepherson - Hay for 5 Days

Brister Shum - Hay for 4 Days

Mallory Burch - Hay for 3 Days

Joy Dean - Hay for 3 Days

Jonathan Fortenberry - Hay for 2 Days

Stateline Animal Clinic - Hay for 2 Days

Mrs. Robert Trouy - Hay for 2 Days

Marie Maxwell - Hay for 2 Days

Meredith Massa - Hay for 2 Days

Amy Burleson - Hay for 2 Days

Hay for a Day Donors

Ann Clark Harris

Amy Sickler

Amy Harville

Beth Robinson

Deepti Deshpande

Sallie Harris

Sharon Bregola

Kaitlyn Everroad

Margaret Kidd

Camille McNeill

Cooper Rush

Jiant Farm

Brenda Heindl

Ron Genovese

Ken Atkins

Sarah Barron

Pam White

Jill Haag

Betty Lee Elliott

Diane Kirksey

Cindy McIntosh

Doris Fortner

Shirin Malekan

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Collierville TN 38017

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