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Unbridled Summer Program for Teens

The Unbridled Summer Program for Teens is a recreational program that incorporates horses for emotional growth and learning. Interacting with our horses gives participants an opportunity to expand their personal growth in communication, responsibility, respect and leadership.

Equine facilitated learning supports participants to promote mindfulness, boost self awareness and personal insight, and the development of building awareness and self regulation. Horses are highly sensitive to nonverbal messages and intentions and through this, participants receive unbiased feedback and their stories transform in a safe and powerful way. Our horses provide a safe and dynamic environment, where participants find peace, express vulnerability, and develop confidence that can be applied outside of the farm.

The program is designed to help teens improve employability and social skills, promote mindfulness, aid in the development of life skills necessary for functional independence, boost confidence and self-esteem, provide socialization and empowerment, reduce stress and anxiety, improve emotional awareness, and improve focus and attention to detail.

The 6-week summer session is offered June 12 through July 29 from 11AM to 12:30PM.

Sessions are conducted by PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors. The program serves individuals 12 -17 years of age. Closed-toe shoes are required to interact with any of our horses, but exceptions will be made for participants who use wheelchairs to interact with a horse under the direct supervision and guidance of Southern Reins' staff.  

Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour for groups of 3-8 participants. All participants are required to complete a Participant Information Form for Unmounted Observation and/or Equine Interaction prior to the visit. The fee is $240 per participant for the 6-week session.

For more information, contact Sara Zurenko, Program Director:

Participant Registration Information


All prospective participants must complete and submit an Equine Interaction Participant Form that includes a participant profile, hold harmless agreement, and more. All paperwork must be signed and submitted prior to the start of the session. 


Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy is a Premier Accredited Center by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.). PATH Intl. premier accreditation assists the public in selecting quality centers that deliver safe equestrian services and certifies that a member organization has achieved industry standards for equine-assisted services for individuals with special needs. Southern Reins is the only Premier Accredited Center in the greater Memphis area and is one of only three in the state of Tennessee, joining the top tier of centers across the country who have received premier accredited status. 

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