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Unbridled Horsemanship

Unbridled Horsemanship

Unbridled Horsemanship is a hands-on equine program offered to people with disabilities and veterans who reside in group homes, participate in support groups and learning programs, or are in care at a residential treatment facility. Activities include horse grooming, leading, education about horses and horsemanship, and horse handling skills.

Unbridled Horsemanship is offered to nursing homes, day programs, group homes, support groups and residential treatment facilities. Visits are also offered as a community-based learning opportunity in partnership with schools and educational programs. Participants learn about working with and around horses, including grooming and practicing ground work to develop a human-horse bond. The program helps individuals learn about horses and their behavior, body language, and non-verbal communication, encouraging participants to be "in the moment" with their equine partner.

Visits are supervised by a PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. The program serves individuals 16 years of age or older. Closed-toe shoes are required to interact with any of our horses, but exceptions will be made for participants who use wheelchairs to interact with a horse under the direct supervision and guidance of Southern Reins' staff.

Unbridled Horsemanship visits are scheduled for 1 hour for groups of 3-8 participants. Groups may visit weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All participants are requred to complete a Participant Information Form for Unmounted Observation and/or Equine Interaction prior to the visit. The fee is $25 per participant per visit.

For more information, contact Sara Zurenko, Program Director:

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