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TEACH Program

TEACH Program

The TEACH Program (Therapy and Education Activities for Children with Horses) incorporates equine-facilitated learning to improve literacy and learning readiness, and contribute to the social and emotional health of children ages 3-7.

The TEACH Program is a mobile outreach initiative that supports the educational achievement of children in the Memphis city school system with two learning tracks:

Southern Reins is collaborating with Perea Preschool for the Pilot Program of our TEACH Learning Readiness Program. In collaboration with Perea educators and incorporating Tennessee Academic Standards, the lesson curriculum provides an equine-facilitated educational environment with a hands-on approach to reading, science, geography, social studies, and math. The program consists of 6 consecutive weekly classroom visits and interactions with our therapy pony, Clyde, an 8-year-old U.K. Shetland pony. His small size and gentle nature makes him the perfect partner to provide a new and unique approach to engaging students in learning readiness to promote educational goal achievement. Students read books written for the program such as Go Clyde Go and Clyde Can Share. with a curriculum focused on social-emotional learning to prepare students to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

Our Reading Incentive Program will launch in the fall of 2023 and is designed to improve literacy and encourage successful reading habits for elementary school children. Incorporating Tennessee Academic Standards, the curriculum is modeled after the “Reading with Rosie” program created by Strides to Success. By creating a positive association between stories of animals and reading, our research-based program will offer children a safe educational and interactive opportunity with our therapy pony to develop their English language skills and motivation to read.

All TEACH Program activities are conducted under the direct supervision of a PATH Intl. Registered Instructor and in collaboration with education professionals at Perea Schools.

The program is generously funded by the Urban Child Institute, First Horizon Foundation, FedEx Freight, and the Carnival Memphis Children’s Charity Initiative.

For more information, contact Sara Zurenko, Program Director:

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