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2016 Hay for a Day Sponsors

Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy would like to thank all of these amazing donors for sponsoring Hay for a Day!


For giving Hay for a Week!

Mrs. Catherine Kastner

Rancho Como - Todd Kriegel and Kimber Woelfel for donating 10 round bales!

Wendy Shea


Donna Glenn - Hay for 5 days!

Gift in memory of Sue Williams -
Hay for 5 Days!

Gift in honor of Melanie Smith Taylor - 

Hay for 5 Days!

Gift in honor of Susan Lawless-Glassman -

Hay for 5 Days!

Sunde Smith - Hay for 4 days!

Kathleen Calaway - Hay for 2 days!

Beth Crotwell - Hay for 2 days!

Rebecca Maddux - Hay for 2 days!

Janie Lowery - Hay for 2 days!

Bruce Patteson - Hay for 2 days!

Will Hunt

Lisa Kime

Gift in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brown

Gift in honor of Mrs. Katherine Kaelin

Ellie Aldridge

Lynn Brown

Sonia Greer

Ashton and Richie Sweebe

Gift in memory of Elizabeth Mays Haines

Gift in honor of Ms. Patti Russell

Melissa Baker

Keating Coleman

Blackeyed Sue Bakery

Kathleen Calaway

Mario Chiozza

Retha Short

Mark Arcelle

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