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Support Southern Reins and our entire equine team by donating HAY FOR A DAY!

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Our horses and ponies consume an average of 4 bales of hay every day (that's 1,460 bales of hay a year, with a price tag of almost $9,000 annually).

With your donation of just $20, you can sponsor Hay for a Day to help feed Benny, Churro, Clyde, Jazz, Jute, Lily, May, Rebel, and Shiloh! 

As a Hay for a Day Donor, You will be recognized below in honor of your gift . . . and even better, you will be a HAY HERO  to our horses and ponies!

Donate Hay for a Day.png

Feed the herd for a day - YAY!


Donate Hay for 2 Days.png

Double your donation to feed them for 2 days - Horray!


Donate Hay for a Week.png

Feel like being a PREMIER hay donor? You're awesome!!


You can also send your donation to:

Southern Reins

Hay for a Day Campaign

916 Billy Bryant Road

Collierville TN 38017

Your gift is 100% tax deductible.


Diamond Hay Donors


The Bisignano Family - WOW!!

Platinum Hay Donors


Bridget Trenary

Premier Hay for a Week Donors

Lu and Wayne Burkett - Hay for 2 Weeks!

State Line Animal Hospital - Hay for 2 Weeks!

Harlan Dodson - Hay for 2 Weeks!

Joy Dean

Sunde Smith

Carol and Charlie Kronquist

Alison Bauman

Paula Smithhart

Amanda Mayo

Brandi Bengtson

The (NJ) Huxel Family

Hay for Multiple Day Donors

In honor of Henry Slutz - Hay for 6 Days

Connie Wells - Hay for 6 Days

Nichola Marsh - Hay for 5 Days

Kevin Kimery - Hay for 5 Days

Tammye and Mark Christian - Hay for 5 Days

Janet Spurlock - Hay for 5 Days

Thomas Jones - Hay for 5 Days

Lela Gerard - Hay for 5 Days

Betty Mirro - Hay for 5 Days

Jennifer Kieronski - Hay for 5 Days

Friend of Southern Reins - Hay for 5 Days

Joan Hawkins - Hay for 5 Days

Sammy Linn - Hay for 5 Days

Joel and Avery Kaserman - Hay for 5 Days

Friend of Southern Reins - Hay for 5 Days

James Hall - Hay for 5 Days

Ann Stewart - Hay for 5 Days

Clark Tompkins & Family - Hay for 5 Days

Albert Green - Hay for 5 Days

Bruce Hopkins - Hay for 2 Days

Diane Dawson - Hay for 2 Days

Nicole Meixsell - Hay for 2 Days

Mandy Bradshaw - Hay for 2 Days

Dorothy Lane - Hay for 2 Days

Stacey Habans - Hay for 2 Days

Linda Robertson - Hay for 2 Days

Cynthia Parks - Hay for 2 Days

In honor of Dr. Pledger - Hay for 2 Days

Amy Harvill - Hay for 2 Days

Douglas Haag - Hay for 2 Days

Lisa Kime - Hay for 2 Days

Jill and Tony Misciskia - Hay for 2 Days

Lance and Nancy Moll - Hay for 2 Days

Friend of Southern Reins - Hay for 2 Days

Hay for a Day Donors

Marley Fields

Rosalie Scott

Oscar Bowles

Lake Weston

In honor of Katie Clement

Sallie Harris

Sasha Kirkland

Alicia Lartigue

Fran Stanfield

Gail Bankston

April Shamoun

Annie Heffernan

Lynn Berretta

Chad Lovelace

Jeff Sholes

Friend of Southern Reins

Julie Carpenter

Nicole Treadwell

In honor of Dr. Wagley

From our entire herd, THANK YOU for your wonderful support of our Hay for a Day Campaign! 

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