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2017 Hay for a Day Sponsors

Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy would like to thank all of these amazing donors for sponsoring Hay for a Day!


For giving Hay for a Week!

Harlan Dodson and Margaret Behm - Hay for 2 Weeks!

Mark and Jeanne Arcelle

Susan Treadway

American Paper Optics - Mr. Paulo Aur

John and Susan Bills

Sunde Smith

Melinda Roux

S.Y. Wilson & Co.


Kathryn Morelli - Hay for 5 days

Anne Suitor - Hay for 5 days

Mary Ann Umstot - Hay for 5 days

Gift in honor of Southern Reins' rider Abbey Mayo - Hay for 5 days

Gift in honor of Southern Reins' rider Stacey - Hay for 2 days

Christina McCartney - Hay for 2 days

Audrey Lucas - Hay for 2 days

Dorothy Lane - Hay for 2 days

Margaret Behm - Hay for 2 days

Debi Reedy - Hay for 2 days

Leann Olsen - Hay for 2 days

Charley Kronquist - Hay for 2 days

Trinh Johnson - Hay for 2 days

Kathern Mayo - Hay for 2 days

Porter Maxwell - Hay for 2 days

Patricia Ruff - Hay for 2 days

Kathleen Calaway and Kaitlyn Everroad - Hay for 2 days

Jeffrey Meixsell - Hay for 2 days

Nancy VanEvery - Hay for 2 days

Donnie Eddins - Hay for 2 days

Mary Dee Swatzyna

Pamela Kronquist

Elizabeth Zuelke

Ashleigh Wyble

Pam Welch

Melissa Lessley

Kimberly Dionne

Ginger Steiner

Bette Bush

Courtney Wood

Eric Self

Evan Mann

Kyla Gordon

Patricia Boshers

Dory Liggett

Anita Weeks

Hannah Sherrod

Gift in honor of Russell Tumlin

Allie Stevens

Andrew Gilbert

Jenni Rust

Kimberly Ransom

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