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Hay for a Day Sponsors


Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy would like to thank all of these amazing donors for sponsoring Hay for a Day!


For giving Hay for a Week!

PZ and Selby Horton - HAY FOR A MONTH!

Rancho Como - Todd Kriegel and Kimber Woelfel for donating 20 round bales!

Harlan Dodson - HAY FOR 20 DAYS!

Catherine Zampini - Hay for 2 Weeks!

S.Y. Wilson & Company

Sunde Smith

The Gieselmann Family

Wendy Shea

Selden Popwell

Kathy and Scott Ledbetter

Douglas Haag

Jeanne and Mark Arcelle


Sharon Lorenzini - Hay for 5 Days

Carolyn Shelton - Hay for 5 Days

MJ Thacker-Rhodes - Hay for 5 Days

Melinda Roux - Hay for 5 Days

Bette Bush - Hay for 5 Days

Kevin Kimery - Hay for 5 Days

Carol Kronquist - Hay for 5 Days

L.H. Armistead - Hay for 5 Days

M. Porter Maxwell - Hay for 5 Days

Harriet McGeorge - Hay for 3 Days

Nick Vergos - Hay for 2 Days

Dorothy Lane - Hay for 2 Days

Kelli Griffin Kirelawich

Ashleigh Howser

Holly Ferguson

Kathy Callaway

Cindy Haverty

Laura Walker

Southern Farmhouse

Cachetta Jameson

Laurie Defries

Camille McNeill

Lindley Jackson

Karen Reetz

Judy Thompson

Cindy Muzzi

Mandy Bradshaw-Tate

Amy Sterling

Enfiniti Alexander

Robert Gieselmann

Lauren Bravos

Clare Gorman

Sue Mackle

Karen Hall

Nick Vergos

Jan Carrol

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