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The Nick Vergos Memorial Scholarship Fund

In honor and in remembrance of our friend and volunteer, Nick Vergos, Southern Reins has created the Nick Vergos Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund provides financial support to give individuals with disabilities and financial hardship the opportunity to participate in equine assisted activities and therapies at Southern Reins.


Nick was a part of Southern Reins since we began, and his loss continues to be deeply felt by us all. He was an amazing and inspirational person who was always there to share a smile and a laugh with everyone he met. Nick will be forever missed by our entire organization, and he will always be remembered for his compassion, caring, and pure joy in celebrating life every day.

To make a donation online, click the link below:

To send your donation via mail, please send to:


The Nick Vergos Memorial Scholarship Fund

Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy

916 Billy Bryant Road

Collierville TN 38017

We would like to thank all of the scholarship fund donors listed below for your generous support:

Bridget Trenary

Katherine and Bill Kaelin

Catherine and Ron Zampini

Robert Sharp

Jennilyn Utkov

James Drummond

Justin Barzizza by Jeany Dionne

Margie and Jimmy Lackie

Raymond Gill, III

Amanda Gowen

Brenda Heindl

Joe Kassen

Cathy and Craig Weiss

Jennilyn Utkov

Amy Hertz and Robert Shankman

Stephanie Upshaw

Carita and Alston Palmer

Barbara Meloni

Laurie and Jeff Meskin

Jeff Halfacre

Ray Butler

Daniel Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moore

Ginger Graves

Sara Ratner and Harry Freeman

Lyman and Sally Aldrich

Stephen P. Bratkowski Memorial Foundation

Senator Keith M. Ingram

Kevin Kimery

Friend of Nick Vergos

Caroline and Wilson Orr

Robert, Cathy, Ann and Mary Quay Wilson

Jean McGhee

Courtney and John Murrah

The Linkous Family

Kathryn and John Kelley, Jr.

Jim Ashley

Liz and Mike Neel

William Loveless

Laura Pietrangelo David

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reed, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cross

J.R. Hyde III Family Foundation

Barbara and Lewis Williamson

Kris Eaton

Evan Liollio Family

Keith Schmitt

Paula Smithhart

The Smith Family

Mark and Lori Guyton

Ellen Rambo

Catherine Bateman

Lisa and Ken Roberts

Cathy and Craig Weiss

The Harwell Family

Elizabeth and Winston Eggleston

Jill and Doug Haag

First Tennessee Bank - Mid-South Commercial Banking

Amy and David Shoaf

Chris Roan

Elaine and Alan Hare

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rembert, III

Wendy and Ed Ansbro

Nancy Smith

Larry Hardy

Lynch Ranch

Anna Sitko

Katherine and Bill Kaelin

Melinda and Keith Duncan

Cassie and Christopher Duncan

Mallery Duncan and Eric Fullman

Christy and Ralph Muller

Chip Grayson

Hariet Thomas

Kay Hardin

Eric, Ashley, Janell and Laura McAllister

Carolyn and Kent Brown

Ronnie Grisanti's

Stefanie Fisher

Trish and John Pontius

Sam Roller

Charles F. Smith, Jr. 

Llewellyn and Josh Hall

Diane and Kerry Shelby

Carolyn Wills and Meyer Birnbaum

Wight F. Boggs

Kim and Bryan Jordan

Marie Maxwell

Junior League of Memphis

C.A. Davis Printing Company - Steve Davis and Lisa Smith

Jeff, Erin, Harlan and Meredith Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Chip Moreland

Gerald Wade

Nancy and Jimmy Tashie

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rhodes III

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Drinan

Lisa Silver

Beth and Gavin Murrey

Olen and Jan Akers

Quinn Scott

Lisa and John Colcolough

Shade and Wiley Robinson

Bryan and Courtney Smith

Julie and Mike Wharton

Catherine Burns

Heather Grosvenor

Selden and David Popwell

Cliff and Louise Hunt

Jean and Charlie Tuggle

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