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Thank You for giving HOPE through the healing power of HORSES

and for supporting Southern Reins' Galloping to Give Annual Campaign

Through the challenges we have all faced in 2020, Southern Reins has remained steadfast in our commitment to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities here in our community.  It is a pursuit that is paramount in everything we do to help others by fostering growth, developing independence, and providing positive life change for everyone we serve.


Horses contribute in powerful and miraculous ways to helping our participants overcome their own obstacles and challenges.  With every interaction, they encourage people to feel their emotions. With every step, they help participants achieve new milestones toward improving their strength and stamina. With every stride, they build confidence, break through boundaries, and deliver unmatched joy and achievement. 

We would like to thank all of the wonderful Galloping to Give donors listed below for making a difference for so many.


Your support makes equine-assisted activities and therapies affordable and accessible to all, and will provide hope and promise for our special friends to let their light shine bright as they achieve success in the saddle. 

Abbay Curtis

Allison Alder

Allison Rawson

Amy and Joshua Poag in honor of Courtney Smith

Ann and Frank Bumstead in honor of Ginna Rauls

Ann Hunt

Barbara Burrows in honor of Chad Lovelace

Bartlett Hills Baptist Church in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Mark Reed

Becky Davis

Betty Lee Elliott

Bob Beck

Bridget Lowes

Brittany Files

Brooke Waldron

Bryan and Courtney Smith

Camille McNeill in honor of Catherine Zampini

Carol and Michael Harris in memory of Kimberly Robson

Caroline Cook

Carolyn Horton

Cindy Haverty

Clare Gorman

Cliff and Louise Hunt

Daniel Garver in honor of Betty Lee Elliott

Dena King

Diane and Leonard Hampton in honor of Cliff and Louise Hunt and Diane and Don Reed

Diane Kirksey

DJ Chinault

Dolores Kloposki in honor of Kayden Vinson

Don and Marcia White in honor of Porter and Marie Maxwell

Dorothy Lane

Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Israel

Elene Baker

Elizabeth and Russell Williamson

Ellen Garver in honor of Betty Lee Elliott

Fletcher and Marietta Haaga

Frank and Signy Givens

Freda Garrett

Friend of Southern Reins

Friends in honor of Bridget Trenary

Genie Stringer

George and Cindy Moreland in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thompson

Heather Ann James in honor of Catherine Zampini

Jack Whitaker

Jacqueline Logie

James Hall

Janaye Sickler

Jean and Charlie Tuggle

Jean Rittmueller

Jenna O’Keefe in honor of Ellen Parker

Jennifer Rypel

Jenny and Wilbert Bynum

Jill and Doug Haag

Joan Hawkins

Joel and Avery Kaserman

John Bruns

Josh and Elle Lawhead

Joy Dean

Julie Carpenter

Kaitlyn Everroad

Karen Wellford in honor of Roy and Barbara Keathley

Karen Wilkerson

Kathern Mayo

Kathleen and John Pender in memory of Dr. James Green

Kathy Fay

Kay Odegard

Kaye Simpson

Kelli Bradshaw

Kelly Chancellor

Kent Kring

Kim Coppess

Kinley Scott

Laurie Ellingsworth

Leigh Frazier

Linda Adams

Linda and Jon Casello in honor of Wayne and Lu Burkett

Linda Vinson in honor of Kayden Vinson

Lisa Kime

Lori and Bret Sokoloff

Louise Jones-James in honor of Rosie Jones

Lu and Wayne Burkett

Lucy and Tom Gardner in honor of Ann Elise Hunt

Mandy Bradshaw-Tate

Marlene Keenan

Mary and Corey Trotz

Mary Beth and Robert Trouy

Max and Sally Shelton in honor of Carol and Gene Katz

Megan Granoski

Melanie Quick in memory of Rumor

Melanie Smith Taylor

Mercy for Memphis

Meredith Massa

Michele Fredericks

Nancy and Lance Moll

Nancy Kirksey in honor of Diane and Reed Kirksey

Nancy Vanevery

Patricia Bisignano in honor of Michael Bisignano

Paul Benziger in honor of Karina Benzinger

Paula Smithhart in honor of John Paul “Jack” Jones

Rachel McKinley

Randa Rosenblum

Rebecca Wilson

Regena Pearce-Lowe

Regina Heim

Renee Wong

Rhea and Ed Crenshaw in honor of Lucas Ellis

Rob and Kelly Shurley

Robert Coleman Family Fund

Ryan Burkett in honor of Wayne and Lu Burkett

Sally and Ray Podesta in honor of Ann Elise Hunt

Sara Ratner

Shannon Cammack

Stephanie White

Stephen Tower

Summer and Cecil Godman in honor of Catherine Zampini

Sunde Smith

Susan and Jared Patterson

Tammye and Mark Christian

Telia Walker in honor of Sallie Harris

Terri Harris

Thomas Martin

Tim and Carrie Sellers

Valerie Stella

Vicki Deseck

Wanda McDonald


From all of the families and individuals we serve, thank you for making our program possible through your generous support.


Leaving hoof prints on the hearts of our community since 2015.

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