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June 4, 2019

Our horses do amazing things for our participants. Today I wanted to touch on a few very small and simple things we can all do for them to be considerate while handling them during lessons (and before and after) to contribute to their success in the ring!.

Horses prefer to be out in the pasture eating grass with their friends. Everything we expect from domesticated horses is completely unnatural to them as a species; from living in stables, being touched multiple times per day by humans, eating processed foods, and drinking water out of plastic buckets - not to mention being mounted and ridden. Their natural instinct tells them to run away from things they fear. But with proper training, desensitization, setting clear boundaries, and earning their trust, we are able to get them to learn to face those fears and respond in a positive manner. This allows us to do things with them like jump obstacles, pull carts through city streets - and as they do here at Southern Reins - provide an inval...

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