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September 8, 2016

People often ask me if our horses stay in their stalls all day​,​ or at night​,​ and my answer ​is always the same: Every horse stays out as much as possible.  Even though it takes a little extra grooming, bug control, pasture maintenance, and definitely busting the occasional frozen water tub​ in the pasture,​ our horses love to be outside​; ​and it is really what is best for their overall health and happiness.

Confinement in a stall conflicts with a horse’s natural impulse to move, socialize and graze. The stress of these unmet needs can affect horses in a number of ways. In some​,​ these unmet needs can manifest in​to problematic behaviors such as cribbing, weaving and wood chewing. In others, they may exhibit excessive energy and difficulty​ focusing while riding and training. ​S​tanding in manure and urine in stalls can lead to hoof problems like thrush and white line disease,​where the ​bacterias can cause severe damage and pain. The hoof​,​ just like...

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